We pride ourselves on our breakfasts which our guests love. Walk in to the kitchen in the morning and you will be met by the aromas of freshly baked homemade bread and coffee made in our Rancilio Italian Espresso machine.

We squeeze our Algarve oranges sourced directly from one of our local farmers each morning to ensure it is at it's best. Our local oranges make delicious, naturally sweet juice.

Overnight we bake our homemade bread and usually it will be wholemeal with seeds and/or white loaves. To accompany our bread we provide butter, a variety of jams and honey made by Portuguese bees. There is a toaster if you would like to toast your bread.

From our local farmers market we select the best fruit for your breakfasts. All the fruit is seasonal to ensure it is perfectly ripe and fresh. We prepare the fruit every morning as a fruit salad.

Museli and cereal are available

Greek yoghurt in a variety of flavours is provided and is a perfect complement to either the fruit salad or the cereal/museli.

Ham and cheese

A wide selection of Tea is available. These include black tea, green tea, fruit and herbal teas.

We are big fans of Coffee. We use an Italian Rancilio Espresso machine to make what we believe is the best coffee in our area. Make your choice from Australian Flat White, Cappucino, Americano, Latte and Portuguese Galão coffee.


You are welcome to eat your breakfast at the dining table in the lounge or at our outdoor dining tables.

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