This page is designed to give you a feel for the great possibilities you will have to explore our amazing part of the world.

Whether it is any one of our awesome local beaches, traditional towns and picturesque villages or the many bars and restaurants offering delicious meals and drinks - we provide a selection of recommendations to whet your appetite. When you are here we can give you more information, advice and make any bookings you need.

To get more information on any of our recommendations below - either:

- hover over the item and click on it's name on the popup and you will be taken to the page with detailed information and additional photographs

- hover over the item and click on the category label in the popup (e.g. Spectacular Unspoilt Beaches) to get a list of all the items in that category.


In addition we have created a map on google maps showing all these items and more. To access this type the following url into your browser: